About me

Xieyang SUN(孙燮阳)
I received my B.S in Software Engineering from Xidian University in 2021. Now I am a postgraduate majoring in Computer Science in Xi’an Jiaotong University. My personal homepage: xieyangsun.github.io


WeChat: sxysund
Email: xieyangsun@stu.xjtu.edu.cn

My interest

  1. Air-gapped attack. EM / acoustic / optical side-channel leakage.
  2. Covert communication. I try to modulate side-channel leakage to build a covert communication system.
  3. Wireless sensing.


  • Our one paper won the third prize of “JinNang-2021”(First author)
  • Our one paper was accepted by IEEE SECON 2022!


ScreenInformer: Whispering Secret Information via an LCD Screen.
Xieyang Sun, Wei Xi, Zhiping Jiang, Zuhao Chen, Han Hao
In IEEE International Conference on Sensing, Communication, and Networking (SECON), 2022.


  • July 2022. We won the third prize of “JinNang-2021”.
  • Nov. 2021. I was awarded the National Scholarship for postgraduate.
  • July 2021. A College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program (National level) is excellent. Thanks our advisor Zhiping Jiang, and Zhixiang Lian / Qiyuan Wang(collaborators).
  • Jun 2020. A College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program (National level) is qualified. Thanks our advisor Rui Li, group leader Boyuan Sun and our collaborators.
  • Sep. 2019, The National College Student Mathematical Modeling Competition (National level), National second prize.
  • Apr. 2019, MCM/ICM, Meritorious Winner.

Student Work

  • I am the vice-chairman of the Inspur Student Club(ISC) of Xidian University (Home Page) from Sep. 2019 to Sep. 2020. I am mainly responsible for the Security Group and communicating with other clubs.
  • I am the leader of the Information Security Open Innovation Laboratory from Oct. 2019 to Oct. 2020 in the school of Computer science and Technology, Xidian University.